Hawthorn Road Refurbishment

Project Description

This was a redesign and conversion of a dilapidated and abandoned council house into a livable space for our client.


We converted this abandoned house into a home with different rooms and functions. We replaced the flooring with vinyl tile, which is easy to install and efficient for room interiors. The kitchen has cabinets with countertops for kitchen activities. We tiled the floor and walls and added a shower cubicle in the bathroom. The casement window in the bathroom makes room for easy ventilation. The bedroom has awning windows for energy efficiency, easy cleaning, and better ventilation. There is a roof light right after the entrance door to add more lighting to the house. We added skirting boards to protect the walls from damage and a wall radiator to regulate heat in the house. There is a private garden outside the house with a horizontal wooden garden.

Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_0 Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_1 Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_2 Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_3 Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_4 Hawthorn Road Refurbishment_5