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With over 20 years of experience in creating and building dreams into reality, you can trust us with your commercial and residential buildings. Prime Projects Design and Management is a professional multidisciplinary CIAT-Chartered Architectural Practice focused on providing you with the best design, planning, building, and architectural work.

Our project approach revolves around the RIBA work stages, from the early concept and feasibility stages to detailed design and working drawings, using our architectural skills.






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Here is how we serve you:



We make our non-conventional designs for clinics, office spaces, fit-outs, and interior design projects with your needs in mind. You enjoy location efficiency as we deliver projects within and around the London Orbital Motorway. Our designs depict the idea of modern living, and we have no signature style or design. Your unique needs determine our approach and work.

Project Management

What is a successful project without good recommendations and expert advice? You can expect reliable support from our team of professionals. We work closely with you throughout the project, from inception to completion.


We don’t just design and build; we also plan your projects with you. If planning is just not your thing, we have got you covered. Planning is one of the first steps in any design or building project. It also involves examining surrounding structures and government policies.
Let’s help you create the foundation on which your project proceeds. Your project is more likely to succeed when you create and work with a plan, and there is a lead architect to work with the team assigned to your project.

Listed Building Consent

We help you ensure that any changes or additions to buildings and structures are fit and in tandem with their character. You can refurbish or demolish a listed building without this consent. You do not need to worry about changes to listed buildings when you let us help you with this.

Building Control

Any good project should implement the required safety and performance standards. This is to ensure people’s safety and security in a built environment. These regulations are minimum standards that you should meet when constructing a building. You should get regulatory approval before building certain structures in the U.K. to ensure you comply with the 1984 Building Act.
You can be sure to get this sorted out as we work with you on your building control.

Construction Management

Every project owner wants to manage their project from start to finish effectively. We can help you manage your costs, budgets, schedule, function, and quality, among others, while maximizing your output and satisfaction.
Our construction management team acts on your behalf and oversees each stage of the project without leaving any loose ends to tie.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team adopts a holistic approach to building and solving the structural challenges of your projects. Our team can handle your project’s complexity with their technical knowledge and expertise. We exist so we can provide resolutions to your structural and design challenges.
You can rest assured that your building and structures will withstand external elements as we follow design and building guidelines developed by our team of senior engineers. Our guidelines serve as an extra layer that helps us attain our goal of satisfaction in serving you.

Our Awards & Certifications


CIAT Chartered Architectural Practice


LABC Registered


LABC Registered


LABC Registered


Build Construction and Engineering Award


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